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A prolific writer, an aristocrat, an amateur vocalist, a scholastic student, and a child of God.

The journey of life begins when one's purpose is known, the journey ends when the purpose is achieved.
-Pacesetter Abbey
The richest man in the world is just as important as the poorest man, why? Because they were both destined for different purposes. Some things can never be accomplished or achieved if sacrifice is not involved. I understand that no one wants to be poor in the name of purpose, but remember that some people have died unaccomplished while seeking what they weren't entitled to. Poverty is not an entitlement, neither is wealth, but our purpose defines who and what we become.

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  • Gandhi's Concept of Swaraj

    Gandhi's Concept of Swaraj

    15 months ago

    "To revolutionize the world, start by revolutionizing yourself"

  • What Failure did to Me

    What Failure did to Me

    20 months ago

    The obstacles of life might just serve as a stepping stone to discovering your true self. Failure is not necessarily a form of badluck, it's just a part of life we need to overcome and then learn from

  • Raged


    19 months ago

    . . ."That’s how it all starts. The fever, the RAGE, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men... cruel!"

  • Forgo Pleasure and Go For Sacrifice

    Forgo Pleasure and Go For Sacrifice

    2 years ago

    A life filled with pleasures might seem fulfilled, but a life filled with sacrifice secures eternity after death. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul.

  • Cultural Differences And Body Language

    Cultural Differences And Body Language

    22 months ago

    Body language is a form of communication that speaks louder than words. It depicts our true intention and thoughts without a complete physical movement. It is indeed far reaching and paramount.

  • Success


    21 months ago

    I know we all think that we are mortal (normal human beings), well some people are supposed to feel that way but we are not, because the way you see your self determines how people see you and also determines what you...