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Hi everybody, my name is Lisa.

I chose the username PaintedLady2000, because of the beautiful horse that shares my profile picture. Lady is what she is usually called, but her actual name is Apache Claybasket. As she is a Paint mare, I figure PaintedLady was a pretty fair name, and the 2000 on the end is the year that she was born.

I also have another horse, a little chestnut mare with a blazed face. Her name is Fancy, I wish I could say that I have the same relationship with her that I do with Lady, but I do not. For one, Lady will not allow it, and two Fancy just is not really interested in it anyway. As horses go, she's a spoiled brat. She is coming around slowly, but Lady definantly makes it slower going.

I have spent the past 20+ years learning from and about horses. I love sharing my knowledge, and receiving knowledge from others. I have more books about horses in my house and on my computers, then any other subject, even if you combined them all.

I also have 5 dogs, no I'm not a horder in the making. Five is quite enough, but I'll tell you about them anyway.

There is Duchess and Rambo, the two Black Labs, that we have had for 9 years now. Both of them were dumped off on the road where we lived at the time. They were not dumped off together, but about 6 months apart. Duchess was in reasonably good health when they dropped her off. Rambo, on the other hand looked like they tried to starve him to death before finally giving up and hauling him off. They are both fit and healthy at 10 years old now, with very little grey around their muzzles. They both look like they have a little salt in their beard just under the chin.

Then there is Blu, the Red/Blue Healer mix that was with our current house, when we moved in. She was skinny, and couldn't keep anything down. She also wouldn't eat that horrible food that the landlord left for her either. We changed her to what we feed the rest of the heard, and she has steadily put weight on ever since. She actually looks good now. She is possibly the sweetest dog, I've ever been around.

There's Dusty, or as we call him Fat Rabbit or Pooper Doo. He is an interesting mix, half Chiuawa, 1/4 poodle, and 1/4 schitzu. He's about the color of a Charlais cow, that creamy white color. He is my oldest son's dog.

Then there is little Bonita, or Lil' Bit. She is all Chiuawa.(Yep, that's right, I have no idea how to spell it!) She is my youngest son's dog. She may be the smallest dog that I've ever owned, but she has the biggest attitude. She definantly rules the house, and the yard when she's outside.

That's it for the pets, I believe. Oops, forgot about the guine pig, Whistler. Kind of ended up with him when a friend could no longer afford him anymore. I changed his name from Nosey Rosey, to Whistler when we figured out that he was a boy, not a girl. That and because if you open a bag, pretty much of any kind he chirps, and it kind of sounds like he's whistling for you. I definantly don't have to worry about forgetting to feed, water, or give him hay, as he loudly reminds me when he starts to run low.

So, that is all of the animals that we currently have, keep checking back though, as it's liable to change. Though I'm not sure my marriage will survive anymore animals.

I also have other talents, such as being an administrative assistant, which I've been told that I was pretty good at. As an administrative assistant, I've learned organizational skills, time management, and various other skills as well. I'm really good at finding items, because I worked in the Purchasing Department for most of my time at a particular company. If the other two buyers couldn't find an item, it was given to me to figure out what it was, and where to get it. I had most women's dream job, I got to shop for a living, but even that gets old after a while.

So, now I have been hopelessly unemployed for the last year and an half. And there is nothing around that I'm suited for, job wise. Most of the companies that are around here, are not hiring Administrative jobs, just production jobs. I have nearly 10 years experience in the Purchasing Department, and what does it get me, a big whopping nothing. Ya gotta love life, which I do. I love not having the migraines from the stress of that job, but I do miss the steady paycheck as well as some of the people that I worked with. we had a blast on a daily basis.

Well, that's all for now. I'll see ya'll on the flip side.


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