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I am a writer at heart -- just like probably everyone else on this site. Whatever strikes a chord in me to write about -- I do. The homeless in Hawaii, pencil crayon artists, giant centipedes of Hawaii, rescue dogs, feral cats, MSG, horses in heaven, the importance of family history, the essence and importance of etiquette -- all this and more has at some time struck my heart, so it is now in black and white. Sometimes I go for months without a single thought of writing. I guess life gets in the way -- especially sweet little grandchildren who need a grandma's attention.

I love good wholesome movies and classic books. Researching my own family history has also been a hobby of mine for almost 35 years. I love to learn about my ancestors.

If you enjoy reading a hub of mine -- or even if you don't -- please leave me a comment. Feedback is an invigorating part of writing here at Hubpages.

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Mahalo nui loa for taking the time to stop by.


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