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I wrote on HubPages when I first joined, but then life because too busy for me to do justice to anything I wrote, so I took a break. I'm back now and ready to start writing again!

I want to share a little bit about myself. I am a stay at home mom of two girls, 9 and 4. My 4 year old will be starting preschool in the fall, and she is super excited. I am too as I will have some peace and quiet to get some writing done every day.

I am a bit of a computer geek (ok, maybe a bit is an understatement) and am the source for all of my friends when they have computer problems.

I love video games, both online and console, and have this insatiable desire to get every new gizmo and gadget that comes on the market. I love to browse the shelves at Best Buy to see what new things have come out.

I am also an anime fan. I have several series that I watch and others that I read in manga form. Sometimes I think it's bordering on obsession!

On top of all of that, I am a sports nut. I am a St. Louis sports supporter and love my Rams, Cardinals, and Blues. I bleed Blue, am a card carrying member of the Cardinals' Nation, and refuse to answer my phone when the Rams are playing (especially if I'm at the game).

I guess you could say I'm not your average girl!

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