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Hi, my name is John and I'm an active student in the school of life. I've lived in a number of interesting places from the far northeast United States, all the way to some tropical atolls in the Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

I enjoy keeping in shape and participate in outdoor sports like running, hiking, sailing, and skiing and some indoor activities like online Chess (chess.com), username Papajohn), computer games (XBOX360-Forza and Defense Grid, look for gamertag PapaJohn2U or Cornerman), movies, and TV Dramas (Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Newsroom.

My fiance and I are hiking the Appalacian Trail in segments. We have completed the trail in NJ and will finish VT by next year.

Some years ago (meaning a very long time ago), I finished an engineering degree at Georgia Institute of Technology, which makes me a "rambling wreck from Georgia Tech."

I retired from both my 'day job' and my part time teaching late in 2013 so now I am busy travelling and enjoying my retirement.

New to HubPages, I look forward to meeting other authors with the same desire to share a few of their life experiences.

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