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Get Facebook Buttons Korean born, but suburban Los Angeles raised. Bone Cancer Survivor, Two Time Heart Attack Survivor, Traveler, Entrepreneur, Writer, Humorist, Voracious Reader, History Buff, Non-Drinker, Pro-Marijuana and Enthusiastic Foodie. Just me sharing my eclectic love of everything from the Funny to the Yummy to the Sexy and the Inspiring. Pretty much everything and anything that tickles my fancy. By the age of 38, I am already a Bone Cancer and 2X Heart Attack Survivor. My perspectives and perceptions of life, love, the world in general, is broad and perhaps a bit different than some. I have no real hang-ups or inhibitions. I have no illusions of living to ripe old age and so through networks like this, I leave behind a vision and perhaps at least a small piece of myself to say, "HEY WORLD! MY NAME IS KEN, AND I WAS HERE." I have traveled the U.S. extensively over the past 19 years while working for my marketing company. I am literally in a different city and different state every 2-3 weeks. I am on the road living out of hotels and suitcases the whole year-round. People, in general, fascinate me. I have learned a great deal over the years in my travels from the North to the South, and from the East and West. It has always amazed me just how different many of us are depending on the region of the country we come from. We truly are products of our environment unless you make a true effort not to be.

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