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Welcome all, young & old! My name Paul. I'm someone who is at complete ease with their life but continues to reminisce and celebrate the good times.

I've played in bands, written features and embarked on cultural adventures connected to rebellion, angst and 70s lifestyle. Although I've been lucky enough to experience some wild and enchanting times I still get excited about learning new ideas and finding fresh adventures.

I'm using this site to share my thoughts on cultural happenings, both new and old. I'll be discussing music and fashion, and it's prevailing influence on anything and everything. As well as other subjects that I simply fancy writing about.

I am a keen ambassador for Converse footwear and enjoy spreading the word on the latest movements as well as delving deep into its legendary history. I've built up a special bond with Converse throughout my lifetime and along the way I've learnt that sometimes materialistic items can mean a lot more than first perceived.

I hope likeminded people can embrace my sentiments and take something away from my hubs.

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