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PaulieWalnuts profile image


Joined 10 years ago from Chicago




I am a person with a disability. In 2001, four days before the infamous “9/11” episode, I suffered a massive CVC or a Cerebral Vascular Attack (a stroke). Then almost immediately, drowning in the deepest slumber, fell into what the medical team believed, a deep and irreversible coma. Then after a few weeks, I woke up……..SURPRISE!!!

Not bright eyed and bushy tailed however, I gradually realized I was paralyzed on my entire right side. My left hand, the dominant one, the artistic and creative one was spared. So, long story short! After therapy, therapy, therapy, I relearned to walk and to function as a disabled person. Sometimes I still use the wheelchair and or a cane for longer than normal distances. My right hand is still paralyzed and I only type with one hand, I’m typing this, one handed and one fingered too! But those software packages like “Speak’ n Type” are looking more and more appealing everyday.

Since my disability, I got engaged to my awesome, beautiful, intelligent, creative, sweet, gentile and talented fiancée, Veronica aka Cookie. She is disabled too! We met at a disability dating website, where I found yet another passion… Writing!
Creative writing, poetry, screenwriting, writing about astrology, the occult and politics. Commenting on the disability community and their issues and much, much more!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Film/Animation and an Associate’s Degree in Advertising Art. So don’t be surprised if you see some of my cartoons here!

Before my stroke, I was a marble sculptor, carving marble, trained in Italy; I worked on the restoration of turn of the century churches. My personal sculpture, my own work, can be seen on my Blogger blog. Also here, is some of my print cartoons, some published in disability magazine, animation and poetry.

My writing can be humorous, serious, informative and educational too. With cartoons, animation, videos, photo-toons, photographs and still other graphics, charts and other fun stuff too! Astrologically, I am a Double Gemini, Sun and Ascendant - "double your pleasure, double your fun!"

See my cartoons, animation, sculpture and poetry at my blogspot!

Here is my Blogs:


My Marble Sculpture

Twitter me at

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