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The aim of my writing is to illuminate and guide others to create positive change in the world

I do this through:

- Being curious and sharing knowledge and stories that matter
- Breaking down complex subjects to make them easy to communicate and act on
- Understanding other people’s perspectives and what matters to them
- Using a calm, collaborative approach that builds mutual respect and trust
- Encouraging others to think for themselves and to be responsible for their actions
- Solving problems using knowledge, research, analysis, and data

My areas of interest are:

Communications and content
- Creating beautiful content - Creating unique, meaningful content; formatting content; understanding why and how we can make content that matters; style guides
- Communicating effectively - Communications planning and management; using the right channels to get your message across; understanding your audience; getting people to act on communications
- Building tutorials, guides and information - Breaking down complicated subjects; explaining the essential parts of a process or approach; making things easy to understand

Building a business
- Advice for startups and freelancers - Mistakes to avoid; building trust in business; running a business; best practice; financial health; calculating rates and costs; pricing work
- Understanding customers - Customer service; customer experience; feedback and surveys; keeping customers happy; creating business proposals
- Building products and services - Idea generation; problem solving; research; product validation; build; testing
- Creating business revenue: Affiliates; AdSense; digital products; blogging; consulting; speaking
- Project management - What it is; what it does; how it works; how you can use it
- Managing a business - Financial management; accounting; productivity

Marketing and communities
- Effective Marketing - Pay per click advertising; content marketing; guest blogging; marketing plans; basic SEO; social media
- Generating value in online communities - Moderation; rules and good behavior; sharing content; giving and getting value

- Managing personal finance - Investing; financial management; credit; pay and benefits; budgets
- Personal growth- Understanding success; work / life balance; productivity; building good habits; understanding your priorities and goals; creating positive change

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