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“The Homesteading Prepper” is the brainchild of prolific author JanMarie Kelly.

With a focus on non-fiction, JanMarie quickly became a well-regarded source of insights and know-how on pet care & behavior nationwide. Because of her background as a shelter volunteer, she had the opportunity to work closely with animals, becoming particularly familiar with rescuing canines and felines.

JanMarie's output is a forward-thinking combination of her love for writing, her passion for animals and her dedication to self-sufficiency, and helping people unlocking the full potential of their lifestyles - just like a true "Homesteading Prepper"!

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  • Breaking Down the Retriever Breeds

    Breaking Down the Retriever Breeds

    19 months ago

    When you say 'retrievers' most people think of either Golden or Labrador and why wouldn't they, they both top the popularity list for dogs. But did you know there are six retriever breeds?

  • Summer Pet Safety Tips

    Summer Pet Safety Tips

    19 months ago

    Use a bit of common sense (water, shade, parasite control) and you and your pets can have a great, fun-filled summer together.

  • Beagles: Hunting Dog or Family Pet?

    Beagles: Hunting Dog or Family Pet?

    16 months ago

    Beagles have been around for a long time and were originally bred as hunting dogs and while they are still used in this capacity today, more and more beagles are being taken in as family pets.

  • Breaking Down the Mastiff Breeds

    Breaking Down the Mastiff Breeds

    19 months ago

    There's more to these beautiful and powerful dogs than you might think! This article goes over all the different mastiff breeds to help you find the one that's right for you.