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I was born in the wrong century. I should be a pirate on a ship that doesn't rape and pillage, but instead hijacks wandering vessels for the purpose of throwing 36 hour raves in the middle of the ocean. ("Arghh, matey, might I see thy glo-sticks?") I am a passionate musician, a voracious reader, an eclectic traveler, an eternal seeker of the Truth, an irreverant humorist, and an endless purveyor of practical jokes with a propensity for incarceration (well, just twice actually). I've been on Elimidate and won it. I detest injustice. Almost everything else makes me smile. I try to learn something new every day. I have an insatiable desire to own my own island.....with a single parking space, marked with a handicapped sign, which I continuously park in. I enjoy good conversation, great wine, inseparable friends, unnecessary costumes, and stories about how people got their scars. I prefer wearing $400 shirts with $2 ripped jeans... and no shoes. I don't own a pair of khakis. I don't pay income tax because it is unconstitutional and illegal. I don't vote because our elections are rigged. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone ate cookies and milk every afternoon right before taking a mandatory half hour nap...in a hammock. (I think I'll contact my Congressman about that one) I used to be (obnoxiously) religious, but have since retired. I am a better man for it. I still believe in doing deals on a handshake. Wesley and Buttercup are envious of mine and my wife's relationship. Fiction is wholly unnecessary in my world.

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