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  • When Quick Fame Turns Toxic and Backfires.

    When Quick Fame Turns Toxic and Backfires.

    8 days ago

    Fame comes at a cost and causes pain. The appearance of a celebrity can be appealing on the outside, but on the inside, it can be sorrowful and lonely. Celebs often give everything for fame, and when they are no longer able to give any more, they end up giving their own lives.

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    The Wonders of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)---Part I

    3 weeks ago

    It is impossible not to follow in the footsteps of all the good-hearted people the world over, dead or alive, who have contributed or still contribute toward making the world a better place than they met it. Sir Tim Bernes-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web (WWW), is one of those great minds.

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    How Innovative Technologies: Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Cryptocurrencies Are Affecting Our Lives.

    5 weeks ago

    Blockchain and Cloud Computing are two of the most common and famous on-demand technologies changing various aspects of our lives today. Blockchain is reordering the world through technology. The sought-after Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is a digital form of exchange and an offshoot of Blockchain.

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    A Heartbroken Father

    7 weeks ago

    After a long absence, a father, full of emotion, meets his sons with a sense of guilt. A divorce usually has two sides, but he wasn't ready for a blame game as he accepted the cause of the family's dysfunction.

  • The Svalbard Vault of the End Time

    The Svalbard Vault of the End Time

    3 weeks ago

    Humanity's greatest challenge today is hunger. Climate change has worsened the situation. It is not surprising that March is named National Food Month. The danger before us forces us to pause, reflect and pay attention to steps taken We applaud efforts to establish the Global Seed Vault for food sec

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    The Mysterious Life of Satoshi Nakamoto

    2 months ago

    All said and done, coupled with his prodigious nature, Satoshi Nakamoto is a nobleman in all senses of the word. Moreover, having in mind what humanity stands to gain from his invention of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, it is impossible not to call him a hero.

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    Why Do Modern Marriages End in Divorce?

    6 weeks ago

    Marriage is a voluntary union between two people leaving everything behind to form a family. The couple publicly declares their "Yes I Do" and accepts both the "unconditional love" and "till death do us part" clauses as they embark on their journey.

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    I Recall the Heydays of My Youth and a Romantic Relationship

    4 weeks ago

    I recall with nostalgia my first romantic relationship with a girl who, in addition to being older than me, took away both my virginity and my innocence. Everything happened so quickly, but I remember it vividly as if it were yesterday.


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