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I've been a freelance writer for over two years, specializing in writing various web content. My interests are a somewhat eclectic collection that includes animals, crafts, history, travel and more. Besides writing, I enjoy crocheting, reading, painting, beading and golf.

Natives of Indiana, my husband, our two dogs and I have lived in central Florida for the past ten years. This gives me an opportunity to enjoy the lovely weather and see all the wildlife native to the area. Many of these animals frequently find their way into my writing.

I'm a former legal secretary and currently a real estate virtual assistant. My husband, dogs and I travel frequently to Indiana where our children and five grandchildren still reside.

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  • Brain Injury in Serial Killers

    Brain Injury in Serial Killers

    8 years ago

    Is it possible that everyone has a serial killer gene lurking in their DNA that is held in check by the frontal lobe? Studies show there may be a possible link between frontal lobe injuries and those who become serial...

  • A Brief History of Crochet

    A Brief History of Crochet

    8 years ago

    According to Annie Louise Potter in her 1990 book, A Living Mystery, the International Art & History of Crochet, published by A.J. Publishing International, the word crochet comes from the Middle French words croc or...