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My name is Kristi and I am a writer and designer. I write about decorating, LEGO, toys, DIY, playing, food, playing with food, and other family, work and fun stuff, here on Squidoo. I am also a blogger on Brick-Star.com and MommyOnTheMoney.com. Follow me on Facebook or follow me on Pinterest! I spent 10 years as a wedding and event floral designer and decorator in Los Angeles, most notably designing the flowers for "Weird" Al Yankovich's wedding, which wasn't so weird. Weirder was designing a wedding in Bel Air themed with the woman's doll collection! I left Los Angeles when I was hired as a LEGOLAND Master Model Builder, in San Diego. For nearly a decade, I was a professional LEGO Model Builder and design team leader at LEGOLAND California and their design studios. I appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, and TLC's Ultimate Cake Off. I blogged about my experiences, on a blog called Brick Star and loved it so much that I still post there! Now I post mostly LEGO deals and pictures. I am a wife and stay-at-home mom to our son. I write my blog Mommy on the Money about my experiences making and saving money while buying just about everything I want. I enjoy spending time with my family and my pets, eating and cooking healthy food, theme parks, the outdoors, gardening, art, traveling, shopping, walking, hiking and writing about those experiences. I love sinking my teeth into a business or working on a big project. I am a vegetarian, 99% of the time and I rescue and protect animals. When I do something, I strive to be the best at it, or at least do it pretty well. I try to capture the essence of everything I do to gain true life experiences and I obsessively research everything so every day I can do better than I did yesterday and every day is the best day, yet! I love the Squidoo platform because it allows me to share what I learned and what I know. I hope you enjoy what I love and do! Kristi DeMaria

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