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For me life is a journey filled with excitement and anxiety. I stumble and fall and although I get bruised, I do not remain on the ground. I pick myself up, brush off the dirt and keep walking through life. The lessons from yesterday make me wiser while the mystery of what will be tomorrow keeps me captivated. I dare to dream and to take chances.

For it is when I take the risk to go after my dreams that I get to tomorrow and realize what it holds in store for me. Though plunging into the unknown of tomorrow can be scary, I will forge forward like a soldier at war for only then will I be able to stand and say, I tried...whether I fail or succeed.

I have always had a passion for pets and the world and everything in it fascinates me greatly. Hub pages is home for me because I can now share everything I know about pets, the human aura and other metaphysical stuff with thousands of readers who share the same passions all over the world.

As you visit my hubs, I hope you find valuable information and please feel free to leave any comments or questions. I will gladly answer them all. Thank you for visiting my hubs!

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