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Hi, I'm Dino. I grew up in a family of health professionals so I've always loved learning about health and science. (I memorized a book of dinosaurs by age 5! Is how big of a nerd I am.)

As well, I was once obese (210+ lbs) and I've managed to lose weight and maintain weight at a fairly healthy 150 lbs through learning more about nutrition and starting a love and hate relationship with physical fitness.

I've always loved looking subjects up on the interent and regaling whoever is unfortunate enough to have to listen with my newest research. Did you know that Lhasa Apsos (they're my favorite kind of dogs) are used to guard the Dalai Lama and that their name means, "Bark Lion Sentinel Dog"? Sometimes, I pretend mine is a luck dragon like Falkor.

I blog at www.manicpixiedreamboy.com

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