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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my hub! I appreciate you taking the time to look and I sincerly hope I can earn your return visits.

Mainly I'm into reptiles, mostly snakes but since I have other websites dedicated to topics like that you'll probably see that I write hubs about various interests I have in addition to reptiles.

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  • How to tame a Tokay Gecko

    How to tame a Tokay Gecko

    6 years ago

    The fierce reputation of the "Pit Bull" of lizards is well earned. They will not hesitate to bite the hand that feeds them, often grabbing on and refusing to let go despite all of your best efforts. Tokay's however are...

  • First Few Days With a New Pet Snake

    First Few Days With a New Pet Snake

    17 months ago

    The first week you have a new pet snake is a critical time for it to settle in, get used to you and begin eating.