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    27 Non-Candy Treats to Offer Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween

    20 months ago

    Want to give noncandy treats on Halloween? Here are some great ideas for non-food treats, along with display and packaging ideas.

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    How to Restore Feeling in a Numb Finger After Stitches

    2 years ago

    Have you lost sensation in your finger after a deep cut that required stitches? Scroll to the middle to learn how I restored feeling in my numb finger after the stitches were removed. I have included my whole experience, for those who want to learn more about what to expect when you get stitches.

  • How to Make Banana Cake

    How to Make Banana Cake

    4 years ago

    Need to use ripe bananas before they spoil? Tired of baking banana bread or banana nut muffins with those leftover bananas? For a change, why not try making a banana cake? I first had this banana cake when I was a child, and I've been going ape over...

  • Ziaja - Best Anti-Aging Hand Cream

    Ziaja - Best Anti-Aging Hand Cream

    4 years ago

    Never heard of Ziaja? Neither had I until my holiday package arrived from relatives in Poland in late 2010. Previously, they sent me Nivea Visage Q10 products, as they are no longer available in the U.S. In 2010 they added an...

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    Which Is the Best Green Cleaning Product?

    7 months ago

    I tested and reviewed the top green products (Method, Mrs. Meyer's, Seventh Generation, Ecover, etc.) to find out which works best for which job.

  • Expense Tracking - Create Your Own Expense Template

    Expense Tracking - Create Your Own Expense Template

    4 years ago

    Expense tracking is paramount to creating and staying within your personal or household budget.  Knowing not only how much you spend but also what you spend it on can help you adjust your spending habits.  If your cash inflows are somewhat fixed...

  • 50 Uses For Plastic Bags

    50 Uses For Plastic Bags

    2 years ago

    Plastic bags do not have to be used once and then discarded, ending up in a landfill. There are many uses for plastic bags, some of which will give plastic bags multiple or extended lives before finally being discarded. By following the tips...

  • Reduce Costs - Tips to Preserve your Denim Jeans

    Reduce Costs - Tips to Preserve your Denim Jeans

    4 years ago

    Following these tips to preserve your denim jeans will not only reduce your shopping expenses but also your laundry costs. By preserving your denim jeans, you can extend the lives of all of the jeans you currently own, thereby reducing the need to...

  • Green Gifts - Environmentally Friendly Gifts for All Occasions

    Green Gifts - Environmentally Friendly Gifts for All Occasions

    4 years ago

    Green gifts can be inexpensive, thoughtful, and less harmful to the environment. Why spend money on expensive gifts when you can make, recycle, or find environmentally friendly gifts for all occasions? Some people eschew gift giving completely....

  • Green Travel - Budget Vacations

    Green Travel - Budget Vacations

    4 years ago

    Green travel encompasses a variety of sustainable actions.  From methods of transportation, to forms of lodging, to activities while on location, green travel comes in many forms.  Depending on how green ones goes, green travel can also save...

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    Saving Money Tips - Green Weddings

    4 years ago

    The number one way: don't have one. While this may be the most practical way to save money on a wedding, many people do choose to have some sort of ceremony and celebration. Typically, one thinks that going green costs more money. In the case...

  • How to Maintain Credit Card Security

    How to Maintain Credit Card Security

    4 years ago

    Maintaining credit card security is paramount to preventing identity theft, avoiding fraudulent charges, and protecting your credit score.  Keeping your credit card information in secure locations will partially mitigate the potential risks of...


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