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pharmacist profile image

Jason Poquette (pharmacist)

Joined 9 years ago from Whitinsville, MA




Also follow me on:

Just your average apothecary, feet firmly planted behind the counter of a local pharmacy, but whose mortar and pestle are hitched to a star.

O. Henry described our profession in this way: "The druggist is a counselor, a confessor, an adviser, an able and willing missionary and mentor whose learning is respected, whose occult wisdom is venerated and whose medicine is often poured, un-tasted, into the gutter."

Though I fall far short of first half of his evaluation, I have no doubt that more than one of my remedies have been similarly discarded down the proverbial drain.

Yes, I'm a pharmacist. Please don't hate me. I didn't make your copay go up. My work experience has been almost exclusively retail, with some work as a clinical preceptor mixed in there.

I am grateful for the opportunities that this profession has given me to serve others. Do you have a question you would like to ask a pharmacist? Ask away. I'll do my best to direct you toward an answer. My style is plain. I like straight talk and practical answers, rather than long words and medical mumbo-jumbo.

My focus here on Hubpages is primarily on prescriptions, pharmacy, and a few hobby articles. My goal is simply to write about what I know about to help others. Do you have a question you want to ask? Ask it here!

I am a Christian, a husband, a father. I am an active member of my local church. I like to teach, love to read, root for the Lakers, eat spicy food and make pickled eggs.

I have a Bible blog in which I write devotionally in an effort to help others understand the Scriptures. I call it Pickled Eggs.

I love Pharma News! Find out what is going on today in the Pharma World over at my personal news website called The Honest Apothecary!

Do you have something to write about? I think you do. Your career, your life, your travels, your experiences can all be shared with others for their benefit. Got some tips you would like to share? A winning recipe you are willing to pass along? Some hints and suggestions that you think are valuable? Share them!

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