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To explain who I am; a man who's eyes have touched the glow of tragedy but alas still seeks the beauty and peace of this planet's lasting presence. Myself a simply temporary image existing in a fleeting moment in time, but in that same breath a wonder of coincidence or quite possibly design. Will my mind's ideas translated to words ever make any real impact in a world that has both preceded and eventually succeeded me, this I will never truly know.

Life is a lucid dream under constant redirection with every new choice we make, whether right or wrong, the effects usually are too spread out to really understand our full reflection, so we continue as a people to grasp at the fabric of reality to maintain a since of tomorrow even as today dies into the embers of dusk. To truly live one must accept death and our grand journey to it, for you see, no matter how privileged or under privileged your life, we all re-merge onto the same path in our final hours; vulnerable and frightened we prepare to arrive at the very destination we have for so long been traveling, so if every decade can be measured in years, every year in days, every day in hours, every hour in minutes then doesn't that mean that every second must count?

So fear not the reaper, fear instead a life in which you were too scared to live when in fact you were already bare to the world, you never had anything to lose, society taught you the value of material when your heart should be illuminating the princeliness of life. Dream.
~Phocas Vincent

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