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I'm currently a graduate student writing my dissertation in comparative religious studies. My academic concentrations are in Japanese Buddhism, comparative mysticism, Eastern Christianity and psychology of religion.

I've taught undergraduate courses in comparative religions (world, Asian, western), thanatology (death and dying) and the history of Christianity.

Prior to beginning my doctoral studies, I completed graduate work in philosophy (with a focus on ancient and medieval) and religious studies (with a focus on theology and scripture).

I am a veteran, having served in the US Army Reserves, in the military police, from 1999-2007 and deployed twice. The first was to a base jokingly referred to as the "armpit of Virginia" by my fellow reservists, the second was overseas.

The study of martial arts and self defense is my avocation; I've done it for over 20 years. I'm especially interested in grappling and help teach a children's Brazilian Jujitsu class. Working with kids is like trying to herd cats.

I was recently certified as an emergency medical technician and am currently volunteering with a local rescue squad.

My four most recent hubs are:

"Greco-Roman Religions: Religious Associations (Religious Contexts of Early Christianity)" (published 10 July 2012)

"Greco-Roman Religions: the Civic Cult (Religious Contexts of Early Christianity)" (published 2 July 2012)

"Greco-Roman Religions: the Domestic Cult (Religious Contexts of Early Christianity)" (published 24 June 2012)

"Toward the Clear Horizon: The Roots of Islamic Philosophy and Theology (Part 1)" (published 17 June 2012)

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