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  • Soul Pancake-A Worthy Website

    Soul Pancake-A Worthy Website

    6 years ago

    soulpancake.com is a website for anyone wanting to have his/her spirits lifted. It offers its viewers an inspiring, funny and challenging experience while asking life's big questions.

  • A Billfish Grand Slam in Hatteras N.C.

    A Billfish Grand Slam in Hatteras N.C.

    6 years ago

    A billfish grand slam is a blue marlin, a white marlin and a sailfish-all caught in one fishing trip. It happened in Cape Hatteras, N.C. on June 22nd, 2013 and it happened to my nephew!

  • The Cicadas Are Coming!

    The Cicadas Are Coming!

    6 years ago

    The once every seventeen years bug experience is upon the east coast. Residents from North Carolina through the New England states- cicadas are about to crawl from the earth and swarm into your lives!

  • Meet Crystal, My New Bundle of Love

    Meet Crystal, My New Bundle of Love

    6 years ago

    If you have ever rescued an animal, my guess is that you found they rescue you right back!

  • The Next Step for Pickles and Rufus

    The Next Step for Pickles and Rufus

    6 years ago

    The Thinking-in-the-Rain Adventures of Pickles and Rufus Continue

  • I Will Meet You at the Rainbow Bridge

    I Will Meet You at the Rainbow Bridge

    6 years ago

    His eyes showed weariness, but they never stopped following me whenever I entered the room. At thirteen years old, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but we had time remaining and both of us wanted to spend every possible minute together. The...

  • Homemade Apple Cake with Buttermilk Sauce

    Homemade Apple Cake with Buttermilk Sauce

    6 years ago

    After searching through hundreds of recipes, I came upon this one and it took me back to my mom's kitchen,wonderful aromas trailing throughout the house and a cake recipe that was popular throughout our town....well that is if it came from the...

  • Hurricane Sandy, Please Go Away!

    Hurricane Sandy, Please Go Away!

    7 years ago

    Everyone living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia woke to the following news as rain pounded our shores and flood waters continued to rise from hurricane Sandy. NBC news: “Seventeen people aboard a replica of the HMS Bounty abandoned ship...

  • Choosing to Stay

    Choosing to Stay

    7 years ago

    Recently, I read the book, “Dying To Be Me”, by Anita Moorjani. Anita was diagnosed with cancer and had nearly reached the end of her life. She had fallen into a coma, her organs were failing and her family was by her side. Anita describes what...

  • ...And These Are a Few of My Favorite Things....

    ...And These Are a Few of My Favorite Things....

    6 years ago

    Sophia Grace and Rosie, I love you! The first time I saw these little British girls, they were on the Ellen Show. Oh my goodness, kids just don’t get more adorable than these two! Sophia Grace was eight years old when she posted her first YouTube...

  • An Unexpected Love Story

    An Unexpected Love Story

    7 years ago

    As a child, when my dad spoke, the whole house listened. He was a large man, with big Popeye arms and few words. We never saw him as being sensitive or poetic, but when I got married and moved to Florida, our family discovered a side of my father no...

  • Recipes for Your Summer Harvest

    Recipes for Your Summer Harvest

    7 years ago

    My zucchini and cucumbers are here!! Isn’t it great to have fresh vegetables all summer long?! The only way we can know our food is free of pesticides and insecticides is to buy organic or grow it ourselves. SO, in every free spot in my yard, some...

  • It's All About Energy

    It's All About Energy

    7 years ago

    In fifth grade, our class learned something I have never forgotten. Our teacher informed us that in our simplest form, we are all energy. On that day we learned everything is energy vibrating at a different frequency. Learning my desk and I were...

  • Music can be Magical

    Music can be Magical

    7 years ago

    Today, I attended the funeral of a friend whom I have known for over twenty years, and to say the least my mood was somber. Neither working in the yard nor playing with my dog could change the sadness that had crept into my being. While staring at...

  • A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    6 years ago

    Annie awoke at exactly 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Today was no different than any other Saturday, but her cozy bed beckoned her to stay a few minutes longer. As she lay in the stillness of the morning, a feeling of gratitude filled her heart. I...

  • A Marinate for Just About Anything

    A Marinate for Just About Anything

    7 years ago

    The recipe below is one that can be used as marinate for beef, chicken and fish. I have reduced it and used it as a sauce for the cooked meat and even for pasta and rice noodles. It has also been used as a salad dressing. The base is soy, so adding...

  • Cooking for the Fun of It!

    Cooking for the Fun of It!

    7 years ago

    Can you smell the smell…garlic and ginger sautéing in olive oil, fresh basil from the garden, marinara simmering on the stove top, homemade bread baking in the oven? As someone who enjoys cooking, these are some of my favorite smells coming out...

  • Springtime, A Renewal of Spirits and Sprouts!

    Springtime, A Renewal of Spirits and Sprouts!

    7 years ago

    Just this week, spring fever infiltrated my psyche and I headed to Lowes to buy some potting soil and various lettuces, leeks and kale. It is time to plant again! Oh how I love the feel of dirt on my hands as I arrange tiny plants in their pots and...

  • Conservation is for Everyone

    Conservation is for Everyone

    6 years ago

    As early as 1906, conservation has been part of America’s priorities. President Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to have a serious interest in preserving our natural resources. During his presidency, he set aside 230 million acres for...

  • Ouch! Funny Bones Are Not That Funny!

    Ouch! Funny Bones Are Not That Funny!

    7 years ago

    Have you ever wondered from where the phrase funny bone came? It is not a bone at all, rather the ulnar nerve that runs down the inside part of your elbow. It lets the brain know about feeling in your fourth and fifth fingers. When bumped, it...

  • Recession-What is it Good For?

    Recession-What is it Good For?

    7 years ago

    This is my first impactful recession and frankly, I’ll be glad when it is over! Having worked in real estate for twelve years, I have seen normal housing markets, insanely wild housing markets and now a depressed market. A home that I sold in 1999...

  • Candy's New Adventure

    Candy's New Adventure

    7 years ago

    Hi, my name is Candy. I am an eight year old beagle with a story that I would like to share. I have learned how quickly life can become topsy turvy and I think it will be helpful for people to know this story from a canine’s point of view. For...

  • To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish, That is the Question

    To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish, That is the Question

    7 years ago

    In 2007, while recovering from back surgery, my good friend and future editor suggested that since I was housebound for a month, I should put my character Anastasia Pickering down on paper. Anastasia, aka Pickles, had been swirling around in my head...

  • Addiction-A Heartless Lover

    Addiction-A Heartless Lover

    7 years ago

    According to Wikipedia, addiction is defined as physical or psychological dependence on psychoactive substances which cross the blood-brain barrier once ingested, temporarily altering the chemical milieu of the brain. Anyone who has dealt with...

  • Bringing in the New Year-Then and Now

    Bringing in the New Year-Then and Now

    7 years ago

    New Year’s Eve brings with it a grand celebration all over the world! Libations, fireworks, parties, resolutions…and the list goes on. As a child, I rarely stayed awake until the midnight hour to bring in the New Year, but as a teenager and...

  • Although We Never Met, I Love You

    Although We Never Met, I Love You

    7 years ago

    Over the course of a lifetime, many of us end up idolizing or at least having a strong attraction to a public figure, artist, musician, athlete, actor, etc… and I am no exception. This Christmas, my niece and nephew gave me the biography of Steve...

  • 2012-What Will it Bring?

    2012-What Will it Bring?

    7 years ago

    Each New Year, people make resolutions; some are kept and others ignored, but always, the New Year feels like a new beginning. Have you begun to consider any New Year resolutions, or perhaps made any wishes for 2012? So far, I only have one...

  • Homemade German Chocolate Cake

    Homemade German Chocolate Cake

    7 years ago

    The one time of year we were lucky enough to get Mom’s homemade German Chocolate Cake was at Christmas. Of all the cakes she made, my favorite was her German Chocolate. Of course, being the oldest child gave me a negotiating advantage (until my...

  • Decoupaging for the Holidays

    Decoupaging for the Holidays

    8 years ago

    Each year most people face the same dilemma….finding unique holiday gift ideas. For those friends and family who enjoy handmade crafts, a decoupaged gift could be a fun and attractive gift solution. The definition of decoupage: the art or...

  • A Southern Cook Extraordinaire!

    A Southern Cook Extraordinaire!

    8 years ago

    Being raised in rural North Carolina by simple country parents had its advantages. I grew up with these basic rules: “You lie, you cheat in school, or you steal, you will regret it.” My parents weren’t kidding! We had no nonsense rules to live...

  • Are You a Good Deed Doer?

    Are You a Good Deed Doer?

    8 years ago

    In the Wizard of Oz, the Wizard explains to Dorothy and friends… “Back where I come from there are men who do nothing all day but good deeds. They are called phila…er, phila…er, yes, er, Good Deed Doers.” As a young person watching this...

  • Some

    Some "Old As Dirt" Southern Sayings

    8 years ago

    Many of the sayings I grew up thinking were nothing unusual, weren’t……if you lived in the south. To this day, I can’t figure out which sayings are purely southern until someone giggles and says, “You must be from the south”. For years, I...

  • Good Friends Are One of Life’s Great Treasures

    Good Friends Are One of Life’s Great Treasures

    8 years ago

    Do you remember your best friend when you were six years old? Being in first grade opened a whole new world of friend possibilities. I think my best friend was Terri Parker. We sat beside each other in reading circle, and I remember going to her...

  • Children Crack Me Up

    Children Crack Me Up

    8 years ago

    As a child, I don't remember being funny, but my mother remembered many of the crazy kid things my brother, sister and I did that cracked her up. Seems we were rather hysterical! Kids have a way of bringing out my “silly”, and it’s so...

  • Will I Ever Be The Person My Dog Thinks I Am?

    Will I Ever Be The Person My Dog Thinks I Am?

    8 years ago

    If you have ever owned a dog, you know exactly what this title means. I am the owner of two dogs, a black lab and a sheltie. The sheltie is more of a business man and the lab is forever young, even though they are both thirteen.You would think after...

  • Try Patience? Do I Really Have Time?

    Try Patience? Do I Really Have Time?

    6 years ago

    While contemplating exactly what patience meant with my young nephew, he summed it up rather well. “It’s waiting for stuff even when you don’t want to.” A simple, but accurate description, indeed! Do you believe patience is a virtue?...

  • Hampton Roads Attractions

    Hampton Roads Attractions

    8 years ago

    This area of southeast Virginia has been my home for over twenty-five years. Twice I have moved away and twice I have come back! To me, Hampton Roads is a metropolitan area with a hometown feel. For readers who are not familiar with the cities...

  • Loving a Horse

    Loving a Horse

    6 years ago

    For twenty two years now, I have been in love with the same guy. The moment we met, I was twelve again and he was my first four-legged crush. Over the years, I learned to trust him, learn his nature, his moods and his fears. He too learned about me,...

  • Understanding the Art of Lollygagging

    Understanding the Art of Lollygagging

    6 years ago

    http://www.polyvore.com/for_lucys_valentine_stop_lollygagging/set?id=27110510 Are you a lollygagger or as we say in the south…lallygagger? In other words, do you fool around or spend time aimlessly? This word may not have a positive connotation,...


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