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My name is Jacquette, my parents divorced when I was about ten from that point on I would spend six months in France with my mother and the other six months in the United States with my father. My father being the gruff and ruff man he is, taught me all about plumbing and construction so if there was an issue when I moved out I could fix it. Now I would like to give that knowledge to you. I have learned through my experience, that even things that seem bad and you think you need to call a plumber you might not actually need to, this could save you unnecessary spending.

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  • Elongated Toilet vs Round Toilet

    Elongated Toilet vs Round Toilet

    4 years ago

    It’s a fact: Toilets waste water. In most homes, toilets account for almost 40% of the household’s total water usage. Because of this, the ‘loo’ has become one of the most vital fixtures found in a home. While...