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I am currently a college student living in Fargo, ND. My main passions are the arts and East Asia. Aside from being a student double majoring in East Asian Studies and Graphic Design I am doing work as a concept artist for a video game company and planning my own wedding.

I have a broad area of interests. My favorite magazine to read since I was kid has always been National Geographic, and I'm kind of a history buff.

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  • Clement Greenberg and Modernist Painting

    Clement Greenberg and Modernist Painting

    6 years ago

    In an article titled “Modernist Painting,” renowned art critic Clement Greenberg strives to describe how the Modernist trend applies to the discipline of painting. Citing the work of key artists and comparing them...

  • The Art of Love in Heian Period Japan

    The Art of Love in Heian Period Japan

    6 years ago

    Heian Period Japan, which ran from around 797 to 1180 CE, was a rich period of culture that was given rise to by the frivolity and tastes of an exclusive aristocratic elite formed by a small number of high ranking...