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Roberta Edstrom is the CEO Knot-A-Tail.com. Roberta has been in the horse business for nearly 50 years and started her first retail tack store in 1989. Knot-A-Tail has become the world's largest selection of Horse Hair items and Accessories. Knot-A-Tail's Horse Hair items are the highest quality and they have many One-of-A-Kind pieces that the offer their customers. They always fell honored to have new customers on their site and are always glad able to assist them in any way. The Knot-A-Tail web site offers product feedback sections, comments and forums to continually keep all of the sites visitors well informed. So why not come and take a peek. They hope to see you soon. Happy Trails.

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  • Cowboy Hat Stampede Strings

    Cowboy Hat Stampede Strings

    8 years ago

    Has your Good Cowboy hat been "Gone with the Wind" one to many times? Is Your Good Cowboy Hat now loaded with Hoof prints, arena dirt, mud and now a little overloaded with Dust? See for Yourself how a Cowboy Hat...