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WELCOME to my 2015 Hubpage profile Everyone. Keep JESUS CHRIST in your thoughts and actions please!! GOD Speed!! Now here's what you need to know about me. When it comes to trivia and sports knowledge I am more than adept, knowledgable, and some might dare to say even wise at helping others who have an internet need. When you have a question, (on any subject), need an answer, want a comment or just want sport facts, opinions, and want to be assisted in your response, I'm your guy. As a retired minister of the Gospel, and sports fanatic for over 50 years, as well as underground miner, I 'm a jack of many trades yet a master of none. IN my retirement, I get to speak about what Christ does in my life for me daily, and for myself I enjoy most of the sports, + write a few articles and post material online periodically, and generally help anyone who needs info, or asks for it. I also am very good at most trivia games and a whiz @ crossword and jigsaw puzzles. As well, periodically the wife and I do some freelancing on some internet sites, and we own our own business Eagle Rock Enterprises BC. which is now PERMANENTLY Closed***. It's very good part-time money when you want it. However that ship has sailed and we will concentrate on HP articles here instead. B.T.W. my lovely wife Flobe is also an author with her own page @ Hubpages and we both have been blessed, by BOTH being chosen as HubNugget winners here, so look her up for yourself also and be moved in your hearts by her writing also. As for me, you can't contact me here, as my account was ingraciously hacked 5 times, but if needed I can email you to help. Reach me at eaglerock.bc@gmail.com That's it for now folks God Bless YOU All.

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