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  • Shin Gojira: Simply Amazing

    Shin Gojira: Simply Amazing

    2 years ago

    American Godzilla fans have long awaited the arrival of Shin Gojira. What nobody in the West could have anticipated is that this movie would be more than another giant monster stomp fest.

  • Is Trump Really Losing?

    Is Trump Really Losing?

    2 years ago

    Looking at the polls, you would think that this election is all but wrapped up for Hillary Clinton. But don't give her the royal scepter yet, it's possible that something fishy is going on here.

  • Is Being a Nazi Cool Again?

    Is Being a Nazi Cool Again?

    2 years ago

    We look back in history at Adolf Hitler's Third Reich with disgust. We say, "How could people be so foolish to allow someone like Hitler have power." Americans may answer that question really soon.

  • Michelle Obama's Laughable DNC Speech

    Michelle Obama's Laughable DNC Speech

    2 years ago

    Many people marveled at the brilliance of Michelle Obama's speech Monday night. But if you are anything like me, you found it to be more Like a Saturday Night Live Skit. It was a wonderful joke.

  • Ted Cruz: One Last Shot

    Ted Cruz: One Last Shot

    2 years ago

    Senator Ted Cruz took a lot of heat for not endorsing the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump. Now that everyone has thrown Cruz overboard, it's time for someone to come to his defense.

  • Gays Muslims Christians and Orlando

    Gays Muslims Christians and Orlando

    2 years ago

    The Orlando shooting this past weekend was one of the most tragic occurrences in American history. Why did it happen? Who was responsible? And what do we do now?

  • You Aren't Really Voting for Donald or Hillary

    You Aren't Really Voting for Donald or Hillary

    2 years ago

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the presumptive nominees for their parties, thus far. Whether voters know it or not, they are voting for something far more important than a President.

  • King Kong Defeated Godzilla

    King Kong Defeated Godzilla

    2 years ago

    It is difficult for Godzilla fans to admit, but there is no reason to believe that Godzilla defeated King Kong in their 1962 match-up. How to know Kong won and who will win the upcoming rematch.

  • Godzilla '14 vs. Godzilla '54

    Godzilla '14 vs. Godzilla '54

    2 years ago

    During the long history of Godzilla, movie-makers have undertaken many attempts to re-energize the franchise through gimmicks. The most ambitious of which, is taking the beast back to his root


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