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I'm a guitarist enjoying all kind of music. I love Bach, but also like sick Metallica solos. I like everything from B.B. King to Jimi Hendrix. I've also played piano and cello in the past.

My other passion is literature. I specially like novels but also read poems and short stories from time to time. My favorite books include Crime and punishment, A confederacy of dunces and One hundred years of solitude.

If you asked me for the first thing about myself that pops into my head I would say... I hate conditioned air.

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    How Tequila is made

    8 years ago

    Blue agave plants - Photo by jay8085 on Flickr.com under Creative Commons License Tequila is one of the tastiest liquors ever made. It is produced from a mexican plant called agave, specifically, from blue agave. These...