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The INK of the SCHOLAR is more holy than the BLOOD of MARTYR. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

To acquire knowledge is binding upon all MUSLIMS, whether male or female. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

He who travels in the search of KNOWLEDGE, to him ALLAH (swt) shows the way of PARADISE. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Do not force your children to behave like you, for surely they have been created for a time which is different to your time. Imam Ali (A.S)

There is no successful outcome in treating people unjustly. Imam Ali (A.S)

Do not stop giving advice to your family, for surely you are responsible for them. Imam Ali (A.S)

Anger is such that it destroys the heart of even the wise men. He who has no control over his anger has no control over his mind. Imam Ja`far al-Sadiq (A)

Nobility is a matter of good intellect and good conduct, not of lineage and descent. Imam Ali (A.S)

The one who has the most blessed life is the one who supports others during his life. Imam Ali (A.S)

There is no illness debilitating than lack of intellect. Imam Ali (A.S)

To delay is to lose. Imam Ali (A.S)

Just marvel at man: he sees by means of some gristle, and speaks by means of some flesh, and hears by means of a bone, and breathes by means of a perforation! Imam Ali (A.S)

The most ignorant of those who are ignorant is the one who trips over the same stone twice. Imam Ali (A.S)

Kindness is half of life. Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (A)

There is no health where there is greed. Imam Ali (A.S)

There are six traits that must not be found in a true believer [of complete faith], viciousness and ill-temperedness, miserliness, obstinacy, dishonesty, jealousy, and oppression [of others]. Imam Ja`far Al-Sadiq

I Love `em who Loves me and also Love `em who Loves me not. (Prince M.A.A.K)

Bitter experiences are very fruitful if you take them as a lesson. (Prince M.A.A.K)

Bringing smile to any person is not less than any big achievement. (Prince M.A.A.K)

Do not HATE anyone, HATRED is the seed of enmity. (Prince M.A.A.K)

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