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***UPDATE:I have written hubs here on SO many topics now that this profile isn't about business anymore - 3 years into being involved with HubPages and it has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

The social networking part is the main focus for me and I enjoy it. I also very much enjoy my role as the new *DEAR ABBY* I have on several hubs.

I *WILL* be your DEAR ABBY! I WILL LISTEN! I will also give advise. Why am I qualified to do that you are asking...because of my background work, my life and my personal experience(s).

Although I do not hub too much anymore and I do Not understand the *scoring* system here-in by a long shot (formula it seems to be) - the Point is - I can *connect* with these people & they with me and that's why I am here now.

I am extremely precise at what I do, pride myself on integrity and there is very little that I cannot find out...

My objective is and has always been to provide unbiased, solid and factual reporting of data for legitimate purpose and usage.

I have always felt being in this sensitive type of industry, we utterly must at all times look out for our clients best interests, privacy and confidentiality. I also know from my own personal experiences how painful it is to be betrayed; lead astray or deceived.

I Know our success is reflected as our clients return to us again and again. I receive emails and letters that bring tears of joy to me. My top priority is and will always be high quality customer service and Complete satisfaction.

I brought our *real world* business to the internet and we have our fingers on the information pulse! I knew in early 1997 that by going internet, we could reach more people, help more people, find more people and above all, catch many many more criminals. I have worked very hard over the years to develop many websites; Many contain free information help aids, for example this one.

I know we have implimented a quicker, better and more thorough way of reporting solid factual information for people. This service has been my passion most of my life; due to my own personal reasons.

There is a LOT of free information off of these sites in the form of links on the sites. Take a look if you need to find something on zip codes or phone information; people searching or help with I.D. theft, etc...

Best Regards to you all and keep safe; Melanie~

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