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Hello! Welcome to my Squidoo Profile. While I do write for other sites as well, I spend the most time here. The online name I like to use is ProjectResolute, simply search on Google if you want to find my numerous other profile! If you're wondering why I call myself ProjectResolute, it is the name I gave my New Years Resolutions List. You can find out more about that here! Anyway, thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy your time reading not only my articles but also other writers' articles. After all, I'm not the only one here!

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  • 3 Natural Predators Scorpions

    3 Natural Predators Scorpions

    8 weeks ago

    Do scorpions have any natural predators that they have to keep an eye out for? They are natural predators themselves, feeding on bugs, insects, spiders and even other smaller scorpions. Despite their (usually) huge...