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I'm a carpenter/builder in Australia who did an Arts degree years ago so I love hub pages, meeting others and getting updated on different things.

Four kids keeps me busy, sleep-deprived and crazy! So why not use the hours without sleep to create hubs and put my foot in it a few times.

Thanks for dropping by. See you when I'm looking at you!

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    • What features do you like in an Email service?

      What features do you like in an Email service?

      5 years ago

      There are plenty of email services out there but the more well known/established are Microsoft's Hotmail or Live mail, Yahoo and Google's gmail. I find myself sticking with Yahoo for a number of reasons - 1 I get a...

    • Belief


      5 years ago

      If Jesus was on Twitter would we be better off following Him OR following hundreds of skeptical atheists who keeps questioning Christians and their beliefs?