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Marvin Rosen, Ph.D. is a doctoral level, clinical psychologist. He has a broad background in clinical practice, admistration, research, wriiting, and teaching. He consults to Marple Newtown School District, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania for mental health programs. He also conducts a private practice in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. He worked for almost forty years in various capacities for Elwyn, PA, a residential treatment center for mentally, emotionally, and phyisically challenged persons

Dr. Rosen has published over 75 professional articles, two novels, a children's book, and three books of poetry. His two most recent publications are "Nightmare," a psychological thriller in four parts, and " I Dreamed I was a Bluebird," a manual for explaining dreams to children (Create Space). Most of his publications are available from Amazon.com.

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  • Time Warp

    Time Warp

    2 months ago

    My wife had arranged a tour of the Lubavitch-Chasidic communirty in Crown Heights Brooklyn .I was aware of the Chasidic movement and had encountered Chasidic Jews in various sections of New York City, Philadelphia, and...

  • What the Blind Man Saw

    What the Blind Man Saw

    2 months ago

    On Maech 22nd I was being wheeled into the OR at Wills Eye Hospital. The outcome would be a life determining experience. Twenty years ago I had experienced a retinal detachment in my right eye. A surgeon at a local...

  • High School Wisdom

    High School Wisdom

    2 months ago

    The office they provided me at the high school was large enough to allow group counseling. The windowless, cinder block walls had once been used as a classroom but, before me, was the office of a therapist, like myself,...

  • Am I Really in Love?

    Am I Really in Love?

    2 months ago

    As a clinical psychoogist, providing mental health services in a public high school, I provide counseling and therapeutic services to a large number of teenagers, mostly girls. (Guys are less willing to acknowledge...