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Marvin Rosen, Ph.D. is a doctoral level, clinical psychologist. He has a broad background in clinical practice, admistration, research, wriiting, and teaching. He has consulted to Marple Newtown School District and Interboro School District in Delaware County, Pennsylbania for mental health programs. He also conducts a private practice in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. He worked for almost forty years in various capacities for Elwyn, PA, a residential treatment center for mentally, emotionally, and phyisically challenged persons

Dr. Rosen has published over 75 professional articles, two novels, a children's book, and three books of poetry. His two most recent publications are "Nightmare," a psychological thriller in four parts, and " I Dreamed I was a Bluebird," a manual for explaining dreams to children (Create Space). Most of his publications are available from Amazon.com.

Dr. Rosen practicies in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, treating teens and adults with anxiety disorders and depression, and also doing pain management.

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