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My life is full of nautical things. In the mornings, if the wind is still, I can hear the waves breaking on the beach. I can't see them, but I can hear them and it is a comfort to me. When the tide is low, I can smell salt in the air and we say "it smells marshy tonight" (or whenever it is). Living on a saltwater canal (just off of the intracoastal waterway) also feeds my love of birding (water birds abound) and my fishing habit too.

I'm a visual learner and a creative person and so making things and seeing bright colors and patterns satisfies my eyes and soul. No wonder I love jigsaw puzzles. I also have a huge appetite for learning new things and will dive into a subject until I have saturated my mind with all I can find out about it.

I grow things from seed and study butterflies. I watch birds (I already mentioned that). I bake and decorate all sorts of desserts. My mind constantly tumbles craft ideas and baking ideas of how to make new things.

We teach our daughter at home. Our school is non-traditional to say the least. Some days not a book is opened. Instead, current events are discussed, sciency podcasts are heard or caterpillars are handled.

I'm conservative in politics but will also hug a tree. I'm in awe of all the things God has created. I can stare at a flower for an hour. I weep at lovely songs and newborn's faces.

I also write articles at Squidoo.

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    Big Pink Bird with Large Bill - What is it?

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    Roseate Spoonbill takes flight. Photo by LuisRock Once a year, for about a week, tourists and locals line the highway beside a pond near my Florida home. Why have they stopped? Because they've seen a group of large pink...

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    Easter M&M Rice Krispie Treats

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