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Why lint?

It started awhile back, when I noticed original Tonight Show with Jay Leno had a segment in which they found funny things on ebay or items that looked like Jay Leno. So I thought - hey, anyone can do toast, but has anyone done lint?

So I made a Jay Leno lint (Jay "Lint"o) thing, put it up on ebay, and...nothing. Months later, the Jimmy Kimmel show bought it and I sent it out to Hollywood, but....nothing. They didn't use it on the segment with Jay Leno. Darn.

In the meantime , I made several other things out of lint - Queen of the Lint, Mari"lint" Monroe, C"lint" Eastwood, etc.(I think I have a lint hub up - Laundry Lint or something. I should spice up the name.)

Making lint people seemed like a good idea at the time. I always try to find something to do other than actual housework.

It hasn't gotten me fame or fortune, and the house is still a mess, but - I sold lint on ebay! How many people can say that? And a copy of the Jay Leno Lint is still up for sale on ebay.

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