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Quensday is the dimension squished between Wednesday and the QWERTY keyboard.

Quensday is also the alias of an unknown miss who operates in that domain. She is fond of new ideas, fresh air, and instant noodles. She will soon write a hub on the many ways you can cook instant noodles, for instant noodle is a creativity-inspiring instructor and as versatile as Play-Doh.

Quensday does not like to take long walks on the beach, unless she wears hiking boots with 3 inches of plastic and leather against surreptitiously placed pieces of glass.

Quensday likes to take long walks on pavement to get her body fluids circulating, and to absorb some sun. She thinks everyone should also take a walk once in a while; sand or pavement. It will prevent all kinds of diseases, psychological issues, and debt from buying medication and consultation to alleviate those problems, which I guess is irrelevant if you live in a country that provides universal health care. Nonetheless, walking is good for your system, health care or not.

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