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Surfing the mighty Internet ... checking out online trends ... everything online revolves around content!

Dog disliker, cat liker - that's what I am. ... Music? ... Water sports? ... Gimme! Gimme! Well, I am a free thinker too.

My interests include linguistics, the workings of the mind, about matter, the universe, time, space, science and technology. That's "a little bit about me." You could get to know me better via my articles.

Right here on HubPages I have written on my personal experiences on Earning Money Online, about my experiences and views on Feng Shui, Trancendental Meditation, on Scientific Stuff, Reiki ... and many articles on real life incidents.

I have freely expressed my honest opinion on certain issues, and of course ... how could I possibly leave out humor? ... !

You too could join this site free of charge and start talking about your personal experiences, about your profession, about what you know, and even about what you don't know! - (Please don't!)

(:--------------- Wide Grin!---------------:)

You could express your opinion on just about anything at all that you are permitted to talk about. More importantly, once you are a member, you get to chat with some brilliant guys and gals right here who are members of this site.

You could participate in discussions in the many forums representing various topics or you could even start a discussion all by yourself ... on your own. Even if nobody joins in, you could carry on regardless! That's not against TOS!

You could gain fame via HubPages ... not by talking to yourself in the forums of HubPages ... but, by writing original content on something that would interest everyone around and be of value too.

You could actually become world famous ... and even earn a couple of bucks! ...

"A couple of bucks? ... Nah! I want millions ... "

Well! well! ... hold on to your reins, did you not know that fortune always follows fame?

So Go Here To Join HubPages! - http://bit.ly/SGQ8bC

Join now, ask questions later!

Once you've done that, scroll down and read all my articles ... one by one, and kindly leave a comment ... just your opinion ... even if you have nothing to say, please say so!

Whew! Thanks for reading my profile ... now just grab a milk shake and relax! ... The whole world is yours! ... Have a nice day!


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