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I was born and raised in New Orleans La. I was raised in an alcoholic family, even though most were alcoholics they had a strong belief in God, the only member of my family that wasn’t an alcoholic was my grandmother, she never drank or smoke.

It was her that started me out in the word of God, for that I will be forever thankful to her! I do believe she had the best intention to serve God when she first started out. Somewhere down the line she was caught up in spiritism and started her own spiritual temple [First King Solomon Spiritual Temple].

I grew up in this temple and it had a profound effect on my life. I never saw any satanic rituals or anything like that, what I did see was someone overly concerned with the spirit world. Even though she was caught up in the occult I never heard her or any other religious members of my family ever deny Jesus and his saving blood, in fact it was always taught to me that it is the blood of Jesus that saved man kind and nothing but the blood. She did not heed the warning of the Lord about trying to make contact with the spirit world there by being deceived by these evil fallen angles.

This desire to peep into the spirit word was passed down to me, and I peeped big time and was caught up. What started out as a curious investigation into the spirit world turned into an obsession! I had gotten so deep into the occult that spirits were hanging around me; one would even get in bed with me at night, it never did anything to me but I would feel it in the bed would just as you would feel if there was a physical human being in the bed with you moving, I would feel the bed sink down when it got in bed with me. I had to tell someone about what was happening to me so I told my brother who never believe in anything including Jesus, boy did he at laugh me.

Then one night he came to the bar I was managing trembling, hand shaking totally frighten I had never seen him like this before. After a while I got him to settle down and tell what the problem was. He said, Roy man I was in my room watching TV, I had my door open so I could directly into your room and I know for sure there was nobody in that room, yet there was something or someone moving around in your bed, he said man I sorry I didn’t that was happening to you.

Not only him but there were others that knew that spirits were following me around, that’s how deep I went into the occult, All because I did not heed the warning of the lord to stay away from spirit contact. What started as an investigation almost destroyed my soul! The thing that saved me was that early up bringing in the bible, I hate to think of what would have happen had I not had the bible to fall back on.

Even though grand-mom was caught up in the occult and cause me to get caught up in it, I will always be grateful to her for placing the word of God in my hands at such an early age!

Thanks Grand-Mon!

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