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I promote the feminine aspect of God/Goddess more in line with the actual tradition of Hinduism. I take the ancient words and make them real for our times. I strive for Universal Truth. I attend Vishnu Mandir and Shri Gaayatri Mandir in Minneapolis, MN. I also honor female preceptors, teachers, pandits, gurus and saints, besides using practical language which includes women and girls and empowers them to use the Shakti energy they have to make change in the world. We are powerful, and it's time for us to use our power to make a better world. Practical use of our energy will also be promoted. I also focus on ecology and social concerns which effect women and girls so as to inform all about what needs to be changed to make the world a better place. India's ancient matriarchy has many answers for us today. Ecology is a feminine aspect which is very dear to my heart. My grandfather was an organic farmer and taught me much in respecting Mother Earth. I encourage women and men to step up to the plate and do their part as equals and to change what needs to be changed for the higher good of all. I look at all traditions as going back to the Vedic principles. My spiritual teacher is Pandit Munelal Maharaj of Trinidad.

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