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About me?

But I hate talking about myself. I'd rather be talking about sports, politics, video games, or table top games, or my two boys. And now I have...

About me.....I'm a former writer with the Yahoo Contributor Network, with articles published on Yahoo Sports, Yahoo World News, and of course, Yahoo Voices. I'm also an aspiring writer in the areas of science fiction and fantasy. I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Video Game Design, with plans to eventually freelance in the field of video gaming, working in role-playing games and space exploration titles.

As for what sports interest me, I'm mostly a fan of baseball, the Detroit Tigers specifically (though I do follow the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs on occassion), and football, with the Detroit Lions and Michigan State Spartans being my main interests. (Though I grew up a Wolverines fan)

As for politics, I'm an independent with Liberatarian leanings who once studied political science at Michigan State University.

Video game preferences are sports (I've played nearly every Madden ever released, as well as several baseball series), role-playing games (Final Fantasy series, Baldur's Gate, and Neverwinter Nights at the top), strategy (mostly Civilization series, but also Hearts of Iron), space strategy (Master of Orion series), a few shooters (Call of Duty series mostly), and very few fighting games (Mortal Kombat and Injustice).

As for tabletop games, I'm a Dungeons & Dragons veteran who hated 4th edition, with occassional interest in Star Wars, the now discontinued Marvel Heroic RPG by Margaret Weis Productions, DC Universe, Battletech, and even Magic the Gathering.

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