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Like Auntie Mame, I think life is a game and should be a fun adventure.

I love traveling, good food, interesting hotels, unique shopping, good humor, wondering around, discovering new things to photograph, and then writing about it all on a collection of blogs and articles here at HubPages. My main blog at the moment is: http://www.QuirkySanFrancisco.com, but stay tuned, I'm building one that pulls together all my interests into one spot.

I love sharing my discoveries in hopes of short-cutting the process for others - finding fun things to do, unique adventures and things that might have otherwise been missed. We don't want to miss anything, right?

I'm a third generation photographer with European heritage and have been a multimedia producer and consultant for 21 years. I've produced broadcast television programs and won an ITVA award for a program featuring Orville Redenbacher.

I have a unique way of looking at things and hope you enjoy my sharings?

If you like to ride a bike, I have a FREE eBook on my blog: Bike the Bay in 1/2 a Day Your Way

If you like to wander around San Francisco and take advantage of FREE things, I have another eBook: Top 10 FREE Things to do in San Francisco.

If you have a spiritual side that loves nurturing, check out my blog with affirmations, photos and a guided meditation.

I've also written three books:

San Francisco After Dark

Paris After Dark

Meditation Q&A

AND, if you love sending greeting cards, you need to check-out this very cool system using your computer, but getting them printed, stuffed, posted and mailed ... cheaper and nicer than store cards. It's pretty amazing.

Looking for a digital camera? I found this little tool at Amazon that helps narrow down the choices: Just click here.

Let's live it up and have fun!


PS-If you'd like to join HubPages and write articles (and make a little extra money), it's free to sign-up too.

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