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Spiritually motivated woman that has learned to enjoy life as it comes and keep it moving.

I'm a single parent with a very active,caring son that brings me joy on a daily basis. He is truly a God send.

I'm an active parent,I travel with my son and have him in many activites,leadership camp and team sports. Leadership camp is 26 days for 3 years and then 52 days his final year next year,this prepares them for that big move to college. Knowing that he can handle being away from home for months at a time,as he will need to while away in college. The next 2 years he will have the opportunity to be a counselor and work with the kids coming in,being a leader and making money for college.

College isn't an option,it's mandatory.

God has a master plan for all of us,a purpose just for you to fulfill. You need to know yourself and find your God given passion and purpose.

My hubs will be all about the positive,positive thinking,positive living,life experiences,life lessons,life and health issues,current issues,hot topics, etc,most will be my own,some will not.

Hopefully you'll read something that'll ignite a spark and help you find your passion and purpose.

My interest are vast God, family,health,traveling,relaxing,enjoying life and dealing with MS.

Multiple Sclerosis was card dealt to me in 2004.

There was a time I kept MS as a secret,not that I'm ashamed, it is what it is,I have MS.

People change,look at you funny,give you the side eye, and treat you differently,with MS being the chronic invisible illness that it is,many just don't understand it. Response to it really runs from one extreme to another.

Here on hubpages is a wonderful forum to express anything you like,ask questions and specialize in.

The MS support here has really been an asset in my lifestyle. The information online and support online are priceless. It leads to physical real time,caring support and events.

I attend MS events regularly to stay informed of new reseach and new treatments being studied ,to meet new MS patients, met drug reps,neurologist and caregivers.

These events are very encouraging,informative and bringing the family to afew of these events can prove to be very enlightening for all.

We get each other and we help each other, I love that!

So join us here on hubpages,open up a whole new world of possiblites,ideas and creativity.

Let a hubber make your day or make a hubbers day brighter.

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