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Greetings and Merry Meet,

Welcome to my HubPage! I am just a simple hub-wytch out to spread the good word about Wytchcraft and Paganism ! Below, in my "hubography", you will find a listing of all the things that are near and dear to me. Please be sure to check out my blogs/hubs - I hope to hear from you soon! (and yes - that is the real me in my icon).

WYTCH: I have been a student of the occult and world religions since I was seven. I am a Welsh Traditionalist/Reconstructionist Wytch who has been following The Old Ways for 33 years now… I deeply believe in the importance of Tradition, yet I am open to the winds of change and try to find a humble balance between the two. I am an ordained High Priestess and Reverend Mother of ‘Plant Y Ynys Afallanau’ which translates to "Clan Of The Apple Tree Isle". We are a Welsh Traditionalist Coven in Missouri which is obtaining its 501C3 status as a legal Sanctuary/Church of Paganism.

HEARTH & HOME: I am fortunate enough to have found and married my SoulMate, Nwyvre, with whom I am blissfully happy (we will be celebrating our 14th anniversary this year), and we have five beautiful children (two boys and three girls)! We recently moved into an amazing 108 year old Queen Anne Victorian home that I consider my dream house!

PSYCHIC: My psychic abilities were awakened at age seven when I had my first NDE (Near Death Experience) by drowning in our swimming pool. I have had visions, prophetic dreams, clairaudient/clairvoyant/clairsentient abilities which I have honed over the past 33 years. I have been a "professional" psychic reader/counselor for 28 years now, when I began reading at the K.C. Ren Faire in the 'Universal Awareness Center' booth. In 1985 I began working for the K.C. Psychic Research Society, as well as working independently out of my house. Throughout this time, I have been collecting divinatory tools, especially Tarot cards, of which I have about 100 or so decks. I do all manner of divinations, such as: Tarot, Crystal Ball (Scrying), Runes, Bones, Dream interpretation, Tasseography (reading tea leaves), Faery Stones, Lithomancy (stones), Astrology, Palmistry, Aid folks in finding their Totem animals, as well as performing House blessings and cleansings, and many other forms of wytchy services.

ANIMALS: I dearly love animals and have been claimed by my beloved familiars: a solid white Norwegian Forest cat with odd eyes (one blue eye and one gold), a solid black long hair and a calico, plus my darling shar-pai, a ball python and two parakeets. I have even adopted an orca and a wolf.

ARTIST: I have been an artist since ever since I can remember.. and a graphic artist and designer for 20 years. I work in all different mediums - photography, pottery, fiber, oils, pastels, pen and ink, pencil, watercolors... I see beauty in everything.

BODY ARTIST: I am also taking my art into the realms of body artistry with piercings, tattooing, body painting/henna, branding and scarification. I also perform and choreograph bellydancing,(for 17 years now), which I see as yet another form of my artistry.

AUTHOR: I am currently working on 6 books on The Craft (one comes with a CD) and at this time I can’t divulge what they are, but when they are ready for release I’ll be sure to post it here. I also enjoy writing poetry (as well as reading it), and I usually write poetry about various Gothic topics, Body art, Totem Animals and 'Forever Love'. I was also fortunate enough to write for a metal zine for about a year and was able to interview almost all of my favorite bands!

MUSICIAN: I play several instruments, such as: Drums and other percussion instruments, Flute, Recorder, Irish penny whistle, Pan Pipes, Dulcimer, Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Piano, as well as sing. I am also compiling and writing songs and chants for 4 Pagan CD’s. So check back here from time to time for updates on these projects.

ABSINTHEUR: I simply adore Absinthe! I collect items such as Absinthe bongs, fountains, spoons, glasses, carafes, anything at all that enriches and beautifies my absinthe experience and atmosphere. I also collect absinthe poetry, artwork, books and music... anything at all that has to do with Absinthe!

If you are a member of MySpace - please feel free to look me up! My URL is: myspace.com/welsh_wytch

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