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I am a free spirited woman who is passionate about many things. I love to write and read. I love to hike, camp, fish, and hunt.I'm also huge on nature and conserving our natural world and protest anything that could harm it farther. I also love to learn new things and talk about them. I also suffer from ADHD, but have learned to overcome it and do enjoy exchanging alternative ideas for treatment of ADHD that doesn't involve prescription medicine.

I have already had several poems published thanks to poetry.com and currently working on compiling them with many unpublished poems into one book. I have a small publishing studio that I have and will be using for all my works called BroodDog Studios & Publications. I am a self taught graphic artist and amatuer photographer. I'm also currently working and finishing my first fantasy novel called "Tales from an Ancient Soul" that I hope will be ready to be put up on Smashword in July for sale.

I'm an activist, hactivist, and a supporter of the Occupy movement and Anonymous. I love our freedoms and willing to do what it takes in a peaceful manner to ensure that they are kept. I am also the creative mind behind a new charity called Future Freedom Fund. This charity is designed to help other charities or someone who needs the help. To learn more about the Future Freedom Fund, goto https://www.wepay.com/donations/future-freedom-fund

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