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These are exciting times (for me at least) as only mere days ago, my first novel was published. It is entitled 'COGNITIVE DISTURBANCE', which gives the reader a vague hint of what to expect - without giving too much away.

The plot takes place in Los Mirra, a fictional dystopian metropolis run by nefarious criminal gangs and corrupt politicians. Amidst the ironclad skyscrapers of the city we find Leopold Von Tiller, a man who has grown successful despite the ruthless conditions. His fortune takes a turn for the worse as he encounters brutality with a deadly outcome.

It is this deadly outcome - happening within his inner circles - that causes some disturbances in Leopold's cognitive apparature, as we can see him slowly deviate from the norm as the story progresses.


I also write for the magnificent HUBPAGES (as you can see), an online community which lets you publish your own articles in areas which you find interesting - while ensuring that your articles go high on search engine rankings, due to the underlying fundamental strength of the website itself.


If you like my hubs (or book), or think they might be a suitable read for someone you know or love, or both. Then please share the article(s) with them.

Have a great day!

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      • Keenan Cahill - what do you think?

        Keenan Cahill - what do you think?

        7 years ago

        Keenan Cahill - what do you think of this YouTube hero? In his last video "Down on Me", he even teamed up with 50 Cent, a must-see!

      • What is your favourite Beatles song?

        What is your favourite Beatles song?

        7 years ago

        What is your favourite Beatles song?Personally, as a modern age Beatles fan, I think "Day Tripper" and "Let it Be" are some of their greates tunes. So, "Day Tripper" is my favourite amongst...

      • Which writers/authors inspire you the most?

        Which writers/authors inspire you the most?

        7 years ago

        Good day my dear hubbers,Which writers/authors inspire you the most? Both in terms of creativity development, and also developing your own unique writing style.. or do you consider yourself to be an author with no...

      • Magazine Publishing

        Magazine Publishing

        7 years ago

        Hi my dear fellow hubbers!We are currently well underway with a surfing magazine; entitled Superstoked Surfing Magazine, which we would like to publish in 500-1000 hardcopies as well as the eBook variant. As there are...

      • Paranormal Activity 2

        Paranormal Activity 2

        7 years ago

        Just saw Paranormal Activity on DVD with some friends.. and I am seriously shivering, it was such a surprisingly terrifying film (if you catch my drift..)Know it is getting quite old, but were the fellow hubbers in here...

      • Torres or Villa?

        Torres or Villa?

        7 years ago

        Fernando Torres or David Villa? Who do you think is the best striker?

      • Antioxidants


        6 years ago

        Just wondered how aware my fellow hubbers are regarding antioxidants and their health benefits? Do you take vitamins and eat both fruit and vegetables?Personally, I try to include this in my way of living, as I have...

      • A question regarding notification to followers...

        A question regarding notification to followers...

        7 years ago

        Hi there, dear fellow hubbers..I am currently writing a thriller series.Quite a lot of people have asked me to notify them when I publish the next episode, and I was just wondering if there was some way of notifying...

      • Poem: ...beneath a Steel Sky

        Poem: ...beneath a Steel Sky

        7 years ago

        Was sleeping awake when this poem suddenly unfolded in my mind one night..'''''"...Steel Sky"I cannot flyI am trapped beneath a steel skyI cannot cryStill teardrops of true blood falls from my left eyeDroplets...

      • Hawai'i


        8 years ago

        Aloha!Just wondered if any Hawaii natives roam these forums (or folks which consider themselves natives, even though they're not..)? I have written some hubs about two surf destinations in Hawaii, and would love to hear...

      • Movember


        8 years ago

        Hi there fellow hubbers!Just wondered if there is anybody else in here participating in MOVEMBER? I have growed my mo for 24 days now in support of the Prostate Cancer Charity.If you're not known with the concept of...

      • Whats your 3 favourite bands or artists?

        Whats your 3 favourite bands or artists?

        6 weeks ago

        If you had to name your three favourite bands/artists who would it be? I know taste varies with time, but think overall, bands which you always seem to come back to.Personally..1. Beatles2. Nirvana3. Eric ClaptonSo many...

      • The -Which movie did you most recently watch?- thread

        The -Which movie did you most recently watch?- thread

        8 years ago

        The question is pretty self-explanatory. The last movie I watched was Public Enemies, which I really liked, but I thought that it was a little bit to hollywoodistic, and that they tried to squeeze every drop out of...

      • Norway - your impression

        Norway - your impression

        8 years ago

        Being a Norwegian myself, I am quite Interested in hearing your impressions of Norway. No matter if you have physically been here or not, but if you have that is great. Polar bears, fjords and reindeer, anyone?

      • Surfing


        8 years ago

        Hey! Just wondered what my fellow hubbers has in terms of surfexperience? Any Kelly Slaters or Layne Bleachleys out there?Personally, I have surfed since the start of 2005 when I visited the magical kingdom known as...

      • Goodvibed and funky electronica/synth/feelgood music

        Goodvibed and funky electronica/synth/feelgood music

        8 years ago

        Hi! Just wondered if there are any other electronica listeners in here? I'm talking about the goodvibed genre, not the biip biip stuffage Did an interview with the artist Philter recently.. if you're into goodvibed...

      • My first two hubs ...·¨¯(_....

        My first two hubs ...·¨¯(_....

        8 years ago

        http://hubpages.com/hub/Surf-Guide-The- … it-Guide-_http://hubpages.com/hub/Surfing-The-Ultimate-ExperienceGood evening fellow hubbers! Would love it if you could give me some tips/critique/comments on my first...