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Ginnie started her first business in the 1980's. From then until the late 1990’s she owned and headed up 7 extremely diverse and highly successful businesses in Silicon Valley, employing from 10 to over 200 employees. As the new millennium approached, she decided it was time to take a break and began selling off first one company and then another, until in late 1998 they had all been sold and she was officially retired.

That lasted about a minute and a half before the restlessness set in. Not wanting to start another business, she decided to go back to work for someone else. So, she put together a résumé and started sending it out. It wasn’t long before her phone started ringing with offers of interviews and hiring managers were telling her hers was the best résumé they’d received out of hundreds of submissions.

She had 3 jobs from 1998 - 2003. All three companies in a row went belly-up (it is Silicon Valley after all.) After each one, while her former co-workers were struggling to get their résumés noticed, Ginnie’s phone was ringing once again and she was hearing the same thing over and over – that her résumé was outstanding and they wanted to meet her right away. Two recruiters even asked permission to use her unique résumé format for themselves!

In 2003, the old entrepreneurial spirit took over once again. Not wanting to grow another new business, she started to think about what she could do on her own without a large staff. It didn’t take long for her to come up with the perfect solution. She’d had so much success with her own résumé she thought maybe she could help other folks with theirs. And so a new business was born.

Now, years later, Ginnie has helped countless people put together a résumé they can be proud to submit to potential employers. And her success stories (or her clients' success stories, actually) are many. Who exactly are her clients? They're executives, mid-level managers, sales professionals, business owners, IT gurus, financial wizards, operations managers, college students, healthcare providers, academics, realtors, office support staff, and trades people to name but a few. Here are some of their comments:

”In my recent job search, which ended just last week, the résumé you created for me got me interviews at 3 of the 5 companies I had targeted. In almost every interview I was told my résumé was the best one they'd seen out of hundreds candidates. Thank you so much!“ Michele M., Chicago, IL

“I sent the résumé I made myself to over 100 job postings and got only 1 response. I was terrified I would never find a job. Then I saw your posting on craigslist. The résumé you made for me got me 5 responses out of 6 submissions. Today I have 2nd interviews at 2 places and I feel confident that I will get at least 1 offer! I can never thank you enough for all your help.” Debbie M. Anchorage, AL

“Just a word of thanks for a great job on my résumé. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, but I've been busy fielding e-mails and phone calls regarding job interviews and such. You really seem to have a magic touch.“ Frank C., Mountain View, CA

"Ginnie, I got a job offer yesterday after only a week of using the résumé you prepared for me. Bless you!" Danny W. , Chicago, IL

Remember that your résumé and cover letter are your most important marketing tools; you can't sell yourself to an employer personally until you've sold them on paper.

Let Ginnie help you like she's helped so many others. Email your résumé today to aresumewizard@yahoo.com for a free analysis and suggestions on how it can be improved to be a stronger marketing piece for you. What have you got to lose except, perhaps, your place in the unemployment line

P.S. When not helping people find a new job, Ginnie loves to travel and is especially interested in unusual, out of the way places.

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