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As you can see I am quite a thinker. Born in Russia, I came to USA in 1994 as an exchange student after I received NAFSA and United States Information Agency scholarship and in 1996 I graduated with B.A. in Foreign Languages.

Today I am an online marketer and a business coach. I love life, people and learning about others. I am called "Mother Hen" because I try to take care of others. I think I developed more of that nature when I became a mother myself six years ago.

As a business owner I am very aggressive, direct but willing to work with people who are not lazy. I dislike lazy people who want to do nothing but get ahead somehow. I admire passionate, happy, kind and loving people because that is how I want to be viewed

My goal is to create 100 millionaires by 2014 by starting my own direct sales company. It is my dream and the major goal that I hold in my head and on paper. I want to see average people become super achievers and create life they want and deserve.

On a personal note I love fine things in life: fine food, roses, white lilies, yellow and white tulips and luxury cars. I apprecite art and love fashion and attend art exhibits, symphony or see broadway shows when I get a chance. I love theater because every day we create our own play! But I can be a simple girl at heart and I enjoy nature, ocean, walkin on the beach, hiking and just being with friends and cook a huge dinner and talking about life.

I enjoy reading books and I believe books are the greatest source of our education. Just one book a week can bring us to a new intellectual level. We must learn something new and believe we have no limits!

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Tatyana Gann

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