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A late-20s agendered asexual Brit living on the east coast of Canada, Ria enjoys needlework, video games, photography, and obsessively reading fantasy novels while drinking delicious tea. When not writing freelance articles for HubPages or slogging through her dayjob, e can be found reviewing books on www.bibliotropic.net.

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  • 21 Things To Do That Don't Cost Money

    21 Things To Do That Don't Cost Money

    8 years ago

    A lot of people love to claim that entertainment these days is expensive and that it's nigh impossible to have a good time without spending a lot of money. They're right, so long as your idea of a good time involves...

  • Auditory Processing Disorder

    Auditory Processing Disorder

    24 months ago

    Imagine someone says the word "apple" to you. The individual sounds of the word go in your ear, combine to make a cohesive whole that you then recognise as a word. That grouping of sounds then travels to the brain,...

  • Stress Leave

    Stress Leave

    8 years ago

    Recently, I approached my doctor about taking some stress leave from my job. I was terribly nervous about doing this, and most of that stress has little to do with the fact that I'd never seen this doctor before and I...

  • How to Make a Hotel Reservation Over the Telephone

    How to Make a Hotel Reservation Over the Telephone

    9 years ago

    It sounds easy enough, doesn't it? You call the number, you tell the person what you want, they book it for you, and then you hang up. Easy as pie. And ideally, that's how it would work. But there are a lot of small...

  • Designing Lace Shawls

    Designing Lace Shawls

    9 years ago

    When I first started knitting, I started reading blogs from more prolific knitters. In addition to learning common knitting mistakes and how to avoid them, I also got to see many pictures of their works in progress, and...