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Hi, my name is Richard Craig and I've now spent a whole 3 years on Hubpages. I'm an aspiring writer and designer. I like to express myself through different ways but writing and design are my main outlet for a world of ideas. I also have a few novels in the works and I'm hoping that one day I will be able to pick one up off the shelf.

I hope I can have just a little influence on your day and in return I hope you will give me good honest feedback as your words and feelings towards my work are what matter to me. Please leave your thoughts in the comments, and thank you to everyone who has shown me support and encouraged me to keep writing, especially the fans.

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  • POEM: I am the Best

    POEM: I am the Best

    5 years ago

    Image by Richard Craig I want to be that kid I want to do what he did I want the girl of my dreams I want to show what love means But nothing happens for me Days go by before I see The only one that makes...