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{2018. It's been a while}

Hi, my name is Richard Craig and I've now spent a whole 8 years on Hubpages. I'm an aspiring writer and designer. I like to express myself through different ways but writing and design are my main outlet for a world of ideas. I also have a few novels in the works and I'm hoping that one day I will be able to pick one up off the shelf.

I hope I can have just a little influence on your day and in return I hope you will give me good honest feedback as your words and feelings towards my work are what matter to me. Please leave your thoughts in the comments, and thank you to everyone who has shown me support and encouraged me to keep writing, especially the fans.

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  • Poem: Dear Diary

    Poem: Dear Diary

    4 weeks ago

    Being depressed isn't easy to over come. For some people it's too much.

  • Poem: Home

    Poem: Home

    4 weeks ago

    Image by Richard Craig I hold the pendant that is suspended from my neck A gift that gave life to me Staring out the window the lush fields rush past Wildlife so respectively tamed The top of the suns head still...

  • POEM: Missing You

    POEM: Missing You

    3 weeks ago

    Image by Richard Craig As I inhale collectively, breath after breath My mind wonders into the deep Remembering every word that made me laugh Every action is captured for my mind to keep Just like the rain,...

  • Poem: 2039

    Poem: 2039

    4 weeks ago

    Image by Richard Craig The year is 2039 Memories haunt the empty spaces Even after all this time I still feel the everlasting traces Pages turn but there is no end Words extend but never conclude ...

  • Poem: London Nights

    Poem: London Nights

    4 weeks ago

    The dark side of London under the moonlight.

  • Poem: Grey

    Poem: Grey

    4 weeks ago

    Image by Richard Craig Clouds move above me as a walk under the blue painted skies Scorched tar passes beneath my comforted feet The illusion of the wind creates droplets of rain beneath the eyes Necessities...

  • POEM: Our Song

    POEM: Our Song

    3 weeks ago

    Image by Richard Craig Whether it’s on the radio or on the TV A-Trac, WMA or MP3 Do you feel what I feel, what it does to me? Teary eyed, it's getting hard to see Doesn’t matter if I’m at home or down in...

  • Poem: Calm Electricity

    Poem: Calm Electricity

    4 weeks ago

    Image by Richard Craig We sat out under the summer night sky The moon casting a sparkle in your eye I watch you as you watch the sea I know your heart is locked and I need the key You’re like a lily in...

  • Poem: My Teddy Bear

    Poem: My Teddy Bear

    4 weeks ago

    Image by Richard Craig Hello my name is Timmy I want to tell you about my Teddy My friend is a chubby teddy bear With short soft silky hair He has dark brown eyes And he never ever cries He likes...

  • Poem: Prize Possession

    Poem: Prize Possession

    4 weeks ago

    You look so shiny So beautiful, I’ll hold you by me Fresh off the shelf, hot off the press Nothing else compares to this Excitement takes over As I undress you Take off the bubble wrap It’s not cold in...

  • Poem: Love Is

    Poem: Love Is

    4 weeks ago

    Image by Richard Craig Love is pain Love is hate Love is a stale mate Love is passion Love is heart warming Love is falling Love is yours Love is mine Love is till the end of time Love is beautiful ...

  • POEM: I am the Best

    POEM: I am the Best

    5 years ago

    Image by Richard Craig I want to be that kid I want to do what he did I want the girl of my dreams I want to show what love means But nothing happens for me Days go by before I see The only one that makes...

  • Poem: Can You Help?

    Poem: Can You Help?

    4 weeks ago

    Hello Can you hear me? Can you see me? I’m right here I’m trapped Please Can you pull me out? Please can you help me out? I’m stuck here I need you Why? I can see you looking confused...

  • War: We Are Responsible

    War: We Are Responsible

    4 weeks ago

    In a time of peace, everybody’s friends In a time of hate, everybody has an enemy In a time of glory, everybody hides In a time of criticism, everybody shouts In a time of right, everybody wins In a...

  • Poem: Heroine

    Poem: Heroine

    4 weeks ago

    Image by Richard Craig Billy was a mad man Can after can he’d go down man He was alone man Can he stay sane as a gunman? He’s a confused man Can he or can he not man? He never sleeps man Can he rest in...