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  • The Spirit of Integrity

    The Spirit of Integrity

    6 years ago

    Integrity is the moral commitment and courage to maintain consistency between what we should believe, what we believe, what we say, what we do, and what we do at different circumstances.

  • Lessons from Judas Iscariot

    Lessons from Judas Iscariot

    6 years ago

    Judas was in the inner circle of Christ's friends, trusted to be in charge of their finances. How did one who had the privilege of walking alongside the light end up in darkness?

  • Christian Social Responsibility

    Christian Social Responsibility

    6 years ago

    Many Christians are often too comfortable behind the Church wall worshiping God, and the social implications of the gospel are often neglected. God's heart are for the poor and oppressed people.

  • What We Can Learn From Social Entrepreneurs

    What We Can Learn From Social Entrepreneurs

    6 years ago

    Social entrepreneurs address social problems using their entrepreneurial skills to create changes and impacts in the society. What can we learn from these aspiring people?

  • Life Principles

    Life Principles

    6 years ago

    One has to have guiding principles in their life: to live choice with excellence, not to blame situation, having attitude and humility, helping others, to be content and give thanks.

  • Lessons from Pulau Pengujan

    Lessons from Pulau Pengujan

    7 years ago

    Life experiences and lessons that I learnt from the trip to Pulau Pengujan, Riau Islands, Indonesia, a rural yet beautiful village.

  • Dispensationalism and Covenantal Theology

    Dispensationalism and Covenantal Theology

    6 years ago

    There two main views regarding the use of the term Israel and Church in the New Testament, dispensationalism and covenantal theology. The author discusses the difference in theological views in their interpretation of the relation between Israel and the Church.

  • The Imitation of Christ: Book Summary and Review

    The Imitation of Christ: Book Summary and Review

    7 years ago

    Thomas a Kempis was a late medieval monk that underwent a monastic life. He focused on human unworthiness, self denial and mortification of the flesh, and the meaning of disciple of Christ. His meditation on spiritual life and zeal to imitate Christ in this work will open our eyes and nourish our...

  • What Saint Paul Really Said: Book Summary and Review

    What Saint Paul Really Said: Book Summary and Review

    6 years ago

    Saint Paul is arguably one of the most influential figure in the early spread of the gospel to the gentiles. This book delves to the first century Jewish culture to better understand the background of Saint Paul. In this well researched work, Wright brings us to a new understanding and new...

  • Book of Habakkuk: Summary

    Book of Habakkuk: Summary

    7 years ago

    The Book of Habakkuk is one of the book of minor prophets in the Old Testament. It tells the story of God's judgment to the unjust, which involves the prophecy of Babylonian's siege on Jerusalem.

  • Science and Religion: An Evolving Relationship

    Science and Religion: An Evolving Relationship

    7 years ago

    Some people hold that science and religion are incompatible, whereas some others hold that they are both in harmony. Here the author discusses about the birth of science, the creation of universe, evolution, and miracles from a Christian perspective.

  • Alleviating Poverty through Social Entrepreneurship

    Alleviating Poverty through Social Entrepreneurship

    7 years ago

    Social entrepreneurs embrace people from rural villages in developing countries to participate in the business. They create jobs and positive impact in the society. The main aim of social entrepreneurship is for social causes, especially in alleviation of poverty.

  • 6 Phases of Career Planning

    6 Phases of Career Planning

    6 years ago

    Either you are still in the college or just started to enter the job market, career planning is crucial to ensure that you get your dream career. Here, the author discusses about the 6 phases of career planning that can be a useful guidelines to plan your career path.

  • Christian View on the Salvation of Non-Christian

    Christian View on the Salvation of Non-Christian

    7 years ago

    What is the fate of the unevangelized according to Christian tradition? How universal is the the salvific work of Christ on the cross? Here the author discusses the tradition of Catholics and Protestant tradition regarding their view on the salvation of non-christian.

  • Do We Have Too Many PhDs?

    Do We Have Too Many PhDs?

    7 years ago

    Getting a PhD means you are attaining the highest degree in academics, and not many people can manage to get this qualification as it requires intellectual skill and dedication. However, there is a surge in the number of PhD graduates in recent decades. The author discusses about the rise of the...

  • Authority of New Testament Documents

    Authority of New Testament Documents

    6 years ago

    More often than not, the Bible is taken for granted as the authoritative Word of God. What endows the Bible with this special status and authority? The author discusses about the origin of the Scripture in the beginning of the century, divine inspiration, canonization, and authority of the...

  • The Problem of Pain and Suffering

    The Problem of Pain and Suffering

    6 years ago

    Human pain and suffering are widespread; hungers, deaths, diseases, wars, etc are just few examples that we often heard of. Here, the author discusses the origin of good and evil, and proceed on to how the evil evolves to suffering. Lastly, the solution for the problem of pain and suffering is...

  • 12 Tips for Surviving Graduate School

    12 Tips for Surviving Graduate School

    6 years ago

    Graduate school is different compared to undergraduate in many aspects. Undergraduate system is based on coursework, whereas graduate school is more like on-the-job training in research. Here the author discusses some tips that will help students to survive and thrive in their PhD study.

  • Alleviating Poverty through Microfinance

    Alleviating Poverty through Microfinance

    6 years ago

    The poor in rural area and many developing countries are lacking of access to the capital market. As a consequence, they barely get credit to open small businesses, and they are short of income, and so the vicious cycle of poverty is created. Microfinance organization offers microcredit to the poor...

  • Protestant and Catholic View on the Bible

    Protestant and Catholic View on the Bible

    7 years ago

    The Bible is the common book used by Christians, both Catholic and Protestant. However, their views on the Bible are not entirely the same in terms of the authority, tradition, and canonization. Here the authors examine the views of the Scripture from both perspective.

  • The Spirituality of Narnia

    The Spirituality of Narnia

    6 years ago

    The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of seven novels written by C. S. Lewis, and a classic in children's literature. People who have read the novel or watched the movie may perceive this work as an illustration or analogy to Christianity. Here, the author discusses the spirituality and the meaning...

  • Is Euthanasia ever Justified?

    Is Euthanasia ever Justified?

    7 years ago

    Euthanasia is the deliberate intervention taken to end one's life before the time comes, which sometimes is also called mercy killing. This practice is still illegal in many countries. The author discusses the forms of euthanasia as well as arguments for and against it.

  • 11 Misconceptions About PhD Students

    11 Misconceptions About PhD Students

    7 years ago

    How is the life of PhD students? Many of us get the image of PhD students from media, such as PhD Comics and PhD Movie, which may not show the full picture of life inside the graduate school. Here the author discusses some common misconceptions that people normally have on the life of PhD students.

  • Will the Education Bubble Burst?

    Will the Education Bubble Burst?

    6 years ago

    Tuition fees for higher educations are increasing at a rate outstripping people's purchasing power. However, higher education is seen as the ticket for success and the question remains how long more are people willing to pay the huge premium for a college degree.

  • Finding Your Right Career

    Finding Your Right Career

    6 years ago

    Finding the right career requires some careful thought. Three main considerations are discussed by the author, which can serve as guidelines for readers in choosing the right career.

  • Should I get a PhD?

    Should I get a PhD?

    6 years ago

    Are you considering to enter the graduate school as a PhD student? Here the author lists some common reasons people have for taking PhD, and the pros and cons for each of them are discussed. These can serve as your further considerations before you commit yourself into the PhD program.


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